If aliens ever came to Earth, who would we choose to meet them, what would we want them to think of us? Who would be the best representatives of humanity – and of all life on Earth?

It seems almost a foregone conclusion that the the President of the United States would be heading the list, probably with a bevy of superpower heads of state, UN representatives, and in all likelihood representatives of the primary religions of planet Earth. But would any or all of these be the right choice to speak on behalf of the human race?

What is pretty likely if intelligent life did come to Earth and politicians made the call, we would firstly quarantine our visitors, then kill them, and finally dissect them and put them in bottles in a new museum somewhere. Surely not the way to go…

Obviously science should have its say, relating our innovation and technological prowess. …Maybe historians should be there, painting a picture of our evolution and the evolution of life on our planet.

And surely just as importantly, there should be the philosophers, the poets, the artistes, musicians – Those expounding on attributes which truly distinguish us from the rest of life on this planet – ie. emotion, friendship, tolerance, love.

For my part, I would hate ETs to pass judgement on humanity based on the global chaos and carnage which we as a species have – and continue unabated to rage on our planet

There is no doubt, we are violent and destructive. …But are we, the citizens to blame?

Indirectly yes because it is us who elect the power players. We are the ones who imbue politicians with their authority, to act in our name and interests. We give them power, literally over life and death. And they thrive and swell under the empty title of ‘public servant’, …but who can question the fact that they do not write the script nor direct the show.

Power lies with money, and the control of money lies in the hands of business. …And at the top of the food chain, the true custodians of power, are the bankers.

The whole world is in debt. Everyone owes money to a bank somewhere, and all will spend the rest of his or her life working, always to pay the bank.

So the reality is that the leaders of business and finance are at the top of the food chain, the puppet-masters. And heads of state from superpower to pauper, dance to their tune.

So where did it all go wrong, we wonder. How did it all begin? Culture, ideology – and the numero uno culprit: religion. For centuries, wars have been waged in the name of God, all sides claiming to be gatekeepers of peace, love, morality. And in the name of the pure and holy, we have ended up hating each other ever since.

When will we learn that brute force achieves nothing more than pain, anger and hatred. Sure you can make people act like you want them to. You can even make them say what you want them to. But you can never make them think what you want them to, by intimidation and force.

How then, you ask? …Love tolerance, compassion and understanding.

I am not proposing sowing the seeds of love like in the hippy era. LSD and forget tomorrow – you won’t remember it anyway

I’m talking about love, where the individual thinks more about the good of the community than the good of himself, and where the community thinks more about the good of the individual, than it does of itself. The time has come for humanity as a collective to sit up, take note, and demand that life once again be perceived as more precious than money.

Take the green dream. We all know we are killing the Earth. 10 years, 20, 50, 100. Who cares. A hundred years from now, my grandkids could still be alive – and please God the Earth is still going.!

Stupid: The Earth will still be turning, it will only be life that’s gone, if we keep going the way we are.

The fact is, man is stuffing up the planet and we all know it. We all carry the flag and shake our heads at the big bad corporates and the Chinese, the infamous eco bad guys, while enjoying the benefits of these mega bad-guys’ innovation. We buy the brands, we drive the cars, we have the gizmos and the gadgets that flood the world and it is the sweat from their brows that feed our frenzy.

If we are to save our environment, we – the big collective we, in our private and personal capacity – need to take ownership of the issues and answer the call. And the inevitable harsh reality is that we need to start looking to un-gizmify rather than continue to gizmify. Set our sites lower, simpler. Start contemplating the alternatives – before the choice is taken out of our hands.

Our need to simplify our lives is not simply a ‘nice to do’ for ecology. In the very near future, it will become an inevitable reality. If serious action is not taken, as the depletion of resources really starts to bite, there will be less security, shortages, strikes, discontent, desperation, and fear on a scale never before encountered, because never before was the entire planet as interdependent as it is now.

…And let’s not go into the fact that the global population is getting very big.

How big? Who cares. All over the world people are arguing and fighting – some to thrive and millions to survive. It’s become painfully obvious there are more people than there is stuff to go around. Either we need more stuff or we need less people – or a change in the game plan.

Meet most people alone, and they have at least some level of decency, integrity, honour, but put them in a group, and they will say and do crazy things, – and the bigger the group, the crazier the stuff. By the time there’s enough individuals to make a gang or fill a football stadium…, beware, danger’s lurking.

By the time there’s enough to make up a nation, anything goes… Countries will kill and rob and defraud and discredit, all in the name of its people – people who would never dream of doing the same thing personally. In ‘civilized’ capitalistic society, progress is defined in terms of technology and profit, and not in terms of the one attribute which defines our very existence, the value of human life. … Every single human life.

It is unthinkable to simply accept the fact that more and more people are becoming destitute, more and more people are starving, dying because they cannot even afford to live – or at least, live in a world where 40% of the wealth is owned by 1% of the population.

It’s obvious there has to be a shift in the way people think – but not the thinking of ‘terrorists’, or the bottom of the food chain. They can scream and shout until they’re blue. By virtue of how it is, they wield no power.

The kings of kings in the chambers of commerce wield the power. When they say jump, the politicians dance. Their wishes entrench laws and banks buy opinion. They operate below, through and above the law, teetering at times, but seldom relinquishing serious casualties.

It is beyond me that these intelligencia cannot see the inevitable. Are oblivious to the scale and depth of desperation, and deaf to the exponentially swelling cry of the destitute? Without their intervention and wise action, one day, the dice will shift and the outcome will not benefit anyone. Whether it be a week, a month or a year, on the current trajectory the end is inevitable – reason will dissolve and the top will fall.

Power players need to realize that the riches of the planet are for all of humanity and life. The wealth, knowledge and lifestyle we enjoy are still gifts from the Earth, whether natural or fabricated. Whether we like it or not, we are the custodians of our planet, our species and life in general. One cannot question the fact that the way we act influences our future.

So getting back to the point, who should meet Aliens on our behalf if they exist and when they come? Who cares… If we carry on the way we are going at present, no one will be around long enough to worry. As long as humans keep acting like we do, things we so consider as our basic human rights will inevitably end up as empty husks of human pipe dreams.