Imagine trying to cook up a banquet without menu in mind or recipe in hand, or trying to create a fashion masterpiece without design concept or pattern, or even heading out on an adventure without route planning and map.
The fact is, trying to accomplish anything spectacular without a clear vision and plan of action is more time than not, over-optimistic and unrealistic… so why do so many events and activations nowadays, lack a ‘big idea’, focus on objectives and transparent plan of action.
A greengrocer might sell wonderful fruit and vegetables and your local butcher great meat, but neither the greengrocer nor the butcher would be able to slap up a cordon bleu feast. You need a master Chef to make the food spectacular!
Putting together an effective event or activation is so much more than simply finding a bunch of suppliers, coordinating their actions, and hoping like hell the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
In a nutshell, experiential marketing is both a science and an art. Without the artistic flair, without a good understanding of the parameters which define effective activation, and without the expertise to deliver spectacle, events stand as much chance of bedazzling and captivating audiences as a meal prepared by the dishwasher instead of the Chef.
We are the 5 Star Chefs in the activations industry so if you are looking for spectacular rather than average contact Don’t Forget George!

GAVIN MILLS – 26 August 2013