Happy happy Easter! The year is 4 months old – and I wonder how many out there have stuck to their New Year resolution guns. Don’t look my way. One or two failing by a short margin, but the rest: Gone down in flames like a stag party Drambui.

Isn’t change a bitch! I mean, giving up smoking is a breeze when I only have to do it from New Year, the beginning of next month, next week, …tomorrow! But somehow when the time arrives, my mind still pictures me doing it tomorrow – cos after all, today is today – a different space in time.

For me personally, New Year resolutions don’t work, We resolve to change sometime in the future. So our mind visualizes and stores ‘the change’ happening on the targeted day in the future – and everyone knows when the future arrives, it becomes the present, a different time frame! Whew! Gives me time to prepare, psych myself up or go through one of the infinite tap-dance rituals my mind conjures up get ready for ‘the change’

My new personal strategy? Do it now! If you want to give up smoking, do it now! If you want to work out more, do it today! If you want to get away more often, stop reading this nonsense, pick up your phone and make the booking. – Then tell your wife or husband, don’t ask them!

Remember, there is no moment more right than the moment you’re living right now. We spend so much of our time saying what we want to do someday, and another sizeable chunk reminiscing about what we have done. What’s wrong with the now!

Don’t spend the precious time you have dreaming about fantasy rainbows and then never bothering to make the effort to get off your ass and chase them. Don’t waste time dallying down Memory Lane, make new memories. Lots of action packed, fun filled memories, for as long as your dreams keep flowing – and your body can!